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Learn To Drive Automatic Cars

Looking for learning to drive an automatic car? Learning to drive a car is something that comes around as a family task where it is either the parents or the siblings teaching you how to drive. Well, if they are the ones teaching you about the intricacies involved with the art of driving, why are the driving schools for? Not always can you receive the best driver training from the ones at home as they would teach you techniques the way they know it? Learning to drive a car is an art that needs perfection, and none other than a professional driving school can help you achieve it.


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At Learn L2P Driving School, we help with affordable driving lessons that suit your requirements. Whether you are a learner or somebody who intends to polish your driving skills, we help you with it all. We assist with two types of driving lessons, and it depends on you to make a choice. When you enrol with us, you get to select the type of lesson you need and accordingly make payments while you learn from the best instructors.


When you enrol for automatic driving lessons, you are guided by an experienced driving instructor to a dual controlled and automatic vehicle. All our driving instructors are trained to help you learn car driving skills to perfection while making you responsible car drivers in the days to come. While they help you learn the techniques of driving an automatic vehicle, you would not just receive practical car driving lessons in but also a structured theoretical lesson where you learn about road rules, defensive car driving, how to handle your car on the road and preparing for your driving test.

Reasons to choose automatic driving lessons –

  • Automatic cars are easy to operate and learn to drive.
  • It takes less time to learn driving automatic cars.
  • There are less or almost no distractions (multitasking) while learning to drive automatic cars.
  • Driving automatic cars on steep roads becomes easy.
  • You do not have to risk your car when stalling on the road.
  • You learn about the right pressure to be applied on the brake and accelerator.
  • You learn about smooth braking.



Not every student that we come across for enrolment is young adults. There several who are middle-aged and yet want to learn car driving. Therefore, to suit the needs of everyone who comes to enrol for cheap driving lessons, we help out with our affordable driving lesson packages that you can choose from.

  • 1 Hour Driving Lesson for $60 *
  • 1.5 Hour Driving Lesson for $85 *
  • 2 hours of consecutive driving lessons  for $100 ** Limited Period Offer
  • 5 hours driving lesson for $285 where you pay $57 per lesson (should be used up in 35 days or 5 Weeks)
  • 10 hours driving lesson for $550 where you pay $55 per lesson (should be used up in 70 days or 10 Weeks)
  • Car hire for driving test along with 1-hour driving lesson for $160
  • Car hire for driving test along with 5 hours driving lesson for $385
  • Car hire for driving test along with 10 hours driving lessons for $650

With us, our affordable driving lessons can be customised according to your requirements. For any special services, we would be ready to help to depend on availability and convenience.


While there are many driving schools, we boast ourselves in being one of the best of the rest. Here is why you should choose us amongst the other driving schools.

  • We offer both automatic car driving lessons.
  • Our learning vehicles are of the latest make for ease of learning.
  • Affordable driving lesson packages of different types that you can choose from.
  • We help with car rentals for your driving test once you are done with your course.

* $5 per Hour surcharge applies on Night, Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday)
** 2 hour lesson minimum on Sunday.


While driving a car is an act of responsibility, it isn’t just your life that is of concern. When you follow road rules and drive diligently, you make it safe for the others on the road too. Learning how to drive a car from the experts for driving lessons and then passing your driving test allows you to acquire your car driving license at the soonest as well as make things easy when you plan to ensure your car or probably apply for a loan for a new car purchase. So what are you waiting for? Learn to drive automatic cars with our affordable driving lessons from one of the best driving schools.